sekali anda tersungkur, Ingatah bahawa anda tidak mahu tersungkur buat selama-lamanya.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

unforgettable memories

Assalamualaikum , 

     It's been almost  3 month I've not update my blog.  A little bit busy since January handling with people, work, feeling, hangout session, Usrah, Ibadah and myself.  I'm still searching for my true identity. 

     Today was the day I'm extremely happy, feel great, feel worth, feel bad, feeling down, frustrated and grateful . 

Why? What has happened to me ? What are the causes that make me feel all the feeling? 

     I pass the car test ! yeayyy ! I'm extremely happy at that moment. Extremely happy.  I quickly text my best friend and my sisters telling them that I've pass the second test and has to wait for the third test which is the final test.  I asked them to dua' for me. And, Their dua' answered by Almighty.  I get the road that I have confidence to drive car on it. 

I asked them to dua for me, but at the moment I read the report card that write I pass the car circuit test, I forget him.  I tottally forget him.  because I too happy. That was my big mistakes. Astafirullah 

I forget ta say Alhamdulillah in proper way.  Say Alhamdulillah when you are
happy. Always remember Allah when you're happy and sad.

     When I entered the kancil, I literally didn't realise that the engine of the car already started. HAHA . :D Freak.  I greet the tester with Assalamualaikum, May I start the test right now? and the tester answered my question.  I dua' to Allah in my heart. See, at that time, I remember Allah. I recite the Ayatul Kursi and dua' that my best friend teach me.

     I checked whether the gear in free or not and want to pull the car keys to start the engine. I soo dead at that time. It's not true. clumsy me. didn't realise the engine was started, I nervous at that time. but I covered it with smile on my face. 

     I drive the car to the crossroads. The incident happen here which I can't write. Let only my family, my relatives and my best friend know what actually the incident happen to me.

     The incident happen actually was not big deal.  Maybe Allah want to test me. Maybe Allah has write it on Qada' and Qadar that I has to face the incident.  Or Maybe Allah want to teach me his servants who only remember him in times of hardship and as quickly forgotten him easily when happy.  

     I cried out loud on Kak Syahirah shoulder. Haha, Why this tears easily to burst out ?! why? 

A: Are you cring?
Me: No, I'm impersonating a fountian
    Thank you kak Ayu, Along, Husna, Hidayah, Nadiah, Aunt, Uncle Ad, Dad, Mom and others because give me word of the encouragement to proceed further with struggle. 

     May Allah bless all of you .